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The Fulbright Program is the flagship U.S. educational and cultural exchange program that has operated worldwide for over 75 years. Fulbright notable alumni include 61 Nobel Prize laureates and 89 winners of the Pulitzer Prize. In Poland, the Fulbright Program has been present for over 60 years and comprises a community of over 5000 Polish and American alumni. The Program has supported cooperation between Poland and the U.S. by fostering the exchange of ideas, knowledge and culture, as well as the development of research and interpersonal and inter-institutional relations.

Visit: https://fulbright.edu.pl/ for more information.

From the beginning, we focus on quality and proven distributors of diagnostic and analysis equipment. We have adapted our offer to the needs of not only medical institutions, but also academic and private companies.We offer high-quality laboratory instruments and disposable materials at attractive prices to help overcome problem with overpriced products.

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Mindy – understand thoughts, emotions and feelings
This is a mobile app with practical exercises and knowledge to support your mental health. You will find more than 700 recordings from 40 certified trainers and experts. They will help you gain skills you weren’t taught in school, lower your stress levels and relax before bedtime.

Visit: https://www.mindyapp.com/ for more information.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the world’s largest scholarship organization. Since its inception in 1925, around 2.8 million students and academics, both in Germany and abroad, have benefited from DAAD. For Polish candidates, DAAD offers scholarships for language courses as well as study and research stays in Germany. In addition to scholarship activities, DAAD is actively involved in the internationalization of German universities, supports initiatives promoting German studies and the German language abroad, cooperates with developing countries and has an advisory function to major political decision-makers in the field of science, education and development.

Visit: https://www.daad.pl/ for more information.


The Union of Doctoral Candidates at Cracow Universities (PDUK)
is the body representing the interests of doctoral candidates from all the universities in Kraków. It brings together young researchers from various fields of interest, those with a technical specialty and those of an academic background as well, whose mission is to speak out on matters concerning all doctoral students from Kraków universities. The flagship event organised by PDUK is the Kraków Doctoral Student Ball, which is always an opportunity to meet, integrate the community and strengthen interdisciplinary scientific cooperation. In 2021, PDUK was also the organiser of the first Kraków Science Salon, an event that attracted many young scientists eager to popularise their research. PDUK is open to all new initiatives and encourages any entity and any doctoral candidate interested in a collaborative cooperation to get in touch.

Kraków Miastem Startupów (Cracow the City of Startups) is one of the most active startup organizations in Małopolska. KMS as a non-profit Foundation has existed since 2015. It works at developing entrepreneurship, innovation and the condition of the Cracovian start-up ecosystem. Furthermore, by building the connection between start-ups, universities, public authorities and non-governmental organizations, it helps to take the first steps in the world of innovative business.

In addition, Kraków Miastem Startupów supports the academic community by providing young scientists and innovators knowledge and business skills as well as enabling the transfer of technology from Cracovian universities to business. It is the organizer of networking events, scientific/business conferences, hackathons and several dozen workshops a year. Additionally, it recruits startups at the early stage of development for the pre-acceleration program. By hosting youth projects, it allows extending the knowledge acquired from entrepreneurship lessons.

Believing that people are the most important part of business, it seizes every opportunity and constantly „connects dots” – that’s the motto of the Foundation.

Join KMS community on Facebook fanpage Kraków Miastem Startupów and sign up here: http://www.rejestracja.kms.org.pl

Visit: https://www.kms.org.pl/ for more information.

Forum Akademickie –  the nationwide information and journalistic monthly (previously called “Przegląd Akademicki”), published since 1991 by the Academic Publishing House in Lublin. The journal deals with the issues of research and higher education.

Visit: https://forumakademickie.pl/ for more information.

WomenNauki.org portal is a place in a virtual space where you can share your experiences and make contacts.
We also want that thanks to the opportunities offered by new technologies, regardless of the distance between us, it will be possible to support each other’s initiatives and projects. Our goal is to popularize the achievements of Polish women researchers and support women scientists at every stage of their career development.

Visit: https://kobietynauki.org/ for more information.